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Easter is Victory Over Death, But Maybe Not How You Think.

When the word resurrection is heard, generally one thinks of a person, such as Lazareth, being brought back to life from physical death. During Easter, the story is about the culmination of the life of Jesus as he treks into Jerusalem to be unjustly crucified for demonstrating love in the world.

The Easter story holds pearls of wisdom for us, but not in the brutalizing of a human being for a crime he did not commit, but rather in the many ways we brutalize ourselves with thoughts of guilt and shame of our past or anxiety and worry over our future. Everything that happens to Jesus represents the destructive states we produce from our faulty thought processes or beliefs, and how we can replace destructive thinking with healthy, vibrant thoughts of life to live life in all its glory.

Our thoughts mock us when we pretend to be less than magnificent beings of light, guided to radiate love to all we meet and change the world. We may physically destroy our temples by taking on unhealthy habits of body mind & spirit. Our closest friends may painfully betray us, and just as the soldiers gambled for the shoes of Jesus, we may believe others who bet against us, subsequently give them power over our lives.

Jesus physically dies in the Easter story and resurrects from the dead. It shows us that by not allowing our spiritually “dead” thoughts to crucify us, we are able to rise toward a higher vibration and manifest the kingdom of God on earth (material), as it is in heaven (intention). When we stay in thoughts of a low vibration, we are not capable of doing our part to lift humanity out of an archaic, dead wasteland of thoughts that no longer serve the whole of the planet to live in the beautiful truth of who and what we are. Just as we can feel the difference between one person who is very angry, and one who is extremely happy, it does make a difference to others in how we live our lives. It is always much easier to believe that someone else (a savior) will come to our rescue and lift us out of despair, rather than doing the work ourselves in order for us to share the process (resurrection) with others.

There can be no physical resurrection, as energy cannot be destroyed - only molded anew, so there is “no thing” on that level to resurrect. We raise our vibration (life) when we see our destructive (death) thought patterns for what they truly are- a stumbling block to living life fully and freely in the moment, unchained from the shame and guilt of yestermoment or the impending doom of the next moment on its way to get us. When we become the Watcher, we observe our thoughts arise and pass away. It is only when we attach meaning to people, places and things that holds us hostage to destructive thoughts (aka hell).

This is the meaning of the New Jerusalem coming down. Jerusalem is the city of Peace. We arise to the call of our life. We each have gifts and talents that are necessary to bring about the New Paradigm in the City of Peace. Let us behold our power and ability to make a difference by being Love in the World!

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