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Where Do They Come From?

It's astonishing how easy it is to receive a thought, and continue on as though there were no "outside" forces at work in originating the thought. I'm not thinking of the habitual thoughts, of which 90% are recycled from the day before. No, I'm referring to the seemingly random thoughts that take root in our brains and radically change the course of our life path. If I'm honest with myself, there is little I can take credit for in being the originator of my random thoughts. OK, pretty much no credit. Even when one thinks that the origin of a thought is known, when traced backwards it immediately disappears into the darkness of impermanence

Regardless of the physical components used in processing thought, all stimuli is in a sense foreign to one thing: the invisible you observing the thoughts. That is, unless one is so intensely identified with thoughts that are elements of "my story", and they cannot disassociate from the thought, nor discern any space between the observed and the observer. With practice, we can begin to notice the difference between the physical thoughts in the brain from the watcher apart from the thought. Keep in mind the difficulty in releasing attachment to thought would be simple if only they were mere words. But the struggle is that these thoughts come with an arsenal of attached emotions, thanks to our hard-working hormones.

Consider the physical aspects of the brain, it works as both receiver and transmitter in processing stimuli through our immediate contact with the physical world. The brain receives electrical impulses from many forms of stimuli that are internal, external, or a mix of the two. The brain then interprets and transmits that information to be experienced, both mentally and physically within the constructs of our physical makeup.

Our brains are capable of picking up "transmissions" (just like a radio). On the receiving side of the brain, two or more different people, within a very short time span, will pick up an "original" idea without having any contact with other(s), only to find out the same "original" thought " landed in another mind. Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi came up with the radio at the same time while being great distances from one another.

So these thoughts (waves) enter our conscious framework and land for interpretation into a field of countless rules and habitual patterns already in place. As these thoughts are interpreted, they are scanned for relevant priority in our lives and how well they are able to integrate with the preexisting mindset. We tend to look at our thoughts from a selfish point of view, how could we not. To move into a more altruistic place only happens after the selfishness has not produced any sustaining feelings of value and worthiness, and has left one feeling rather empty.

A single thought can be a defining moment, giving way to a new direction, in our lives. Let us consider from where these "random" thoughts originate and why they land in the mind. The more we truly desire to know and understand, the more we move away from a selfish center and respond to a calling from a place that is greater than ourselves. May we be instruments of Divine Love and Listen Within.

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