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Embracing gratitude is the radiant key that unlocks the boundless potential within us.  As we cultivate gratitude, we invite abundance to flourish, and our hearts expand in luminous splendor. Every moment becomes a canvas for transformation, where gratitude paints vibrant hues of joy and fulfillment. Through this lens, challenges morph into stepping stones, propelling us towards boundless growth and evolution.

Let us unite in this sacred journey, for in gratitude, we become alchemists, transmuting and magnifying our collective energy towards a radiant future.

As a spiritual community, we've experienced many shifts and changes during the recent years and we've been given the opportunity to tune into how grateful we are for where we've been and who we have become. 

Gratitude is not merely an emotion but a sacred practice that glorifies our collective journey. As we focus on gratitude, we expand the horizons of our spiritual understanding, nourishing our souls with the divine abundance that surrounds us.

Each expression of gratitude becomes a radiant beacon, signaling to the Universe our living prayer of joy and thanksgiving, illuminating the path towards deeper connection and enlightenment.

Together, let us infuse every aspect of our community with the radiant energy of gratitude, knowing that in its glow, we find the seeds of growth, nourishment, and the glorification of our spiritual journey.

We are so grateful to be co-creating new and exciting ways to share our love, compassion and inspiration with the world.

Join the Zoom Call on Friday mornings to sit in the greatness of GRATITUDE as we watch it GLORIFY all parts of our lives, our spiritual center and the world!

Thank you for co-creating and journeying with us!!


Onward with Grateful Gusto!!

With Love and Gratitude,

Unity Inspired Living 

Spiritual Director and The Board of Trustees

March 2024

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 Friday Focus with Florence at 10:00 a.m. PT
Love In Action! 10 minutes @ 10 AM!

Led by Florence Cleisz
Join us for10-minutes of a deeply focused GRATITUDE meditation 



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