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Our Board of Trustees demonstrate a deep commitment to their personal and spiritual growth, as well as a passion for service. They dedicate themselves to being a spirit-led board and serve the Unity Inspired Living community as discerning stewards, ensuring the highest governance practices, performing fiduciary duties and holding the high watch for the overall direction of our spiritual center.

Each board member brings specialized professional and personal skills. 

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Amy Van Linge
Spiritual Director

Amy’s passion is nurturing and empowering people in the unfoldment of dynamic life transformation. 

​With over 25 years of professional and educational experience, she has pioneered, led and participated in a wide array of spirit-driven missions involving child development and education, holistic health and wellness, spiritual exploration, meditation and mind, body, spirit development, energy and shamanic healing.

She’s been the Spiritual Director of Brentwood Inspired Living Center for eight years, as well as a Certified Wellness and Recovery Coach, Conscious Parenting Mentor and an Inspirational Speaker who writes a monthly column in Brentwood’s local magazine, 110°. Amy and her husband have been married for 25 years, she is the mother of four and recently welcomed her first grandchild.

Whether she’s sharing an inspirational message from a stage, writing a column, or supporting soul beings on their life path, her intention is to create safe space for self-discovery, deep healing and spiritual awakening. She says spiritual practice isn’t something she does, it’s who she is.

She joined Brentwood Inspired Living Center in 2013 and feels that the energy and love that emanate from this community deeply impact the world. She’s a visionary and makes it her daily mission to continually energize and expand peace and love globally.


Dave Kroske

We moved from the South Bay to Discovery Bay in 2004. I had a great spiritual community where I previously lived and was looking for like-minded people in the new area.


My wife and I found Brentwood Spiritual Living Center and have been a grateful part of the community since January of 2012. 


In 2016, I joined the board of trustees and became the treasurer in January 2018.  Julie and I feel blessed to be a part this loving community!


Jan Knight


I have been on my spiritual journey since my teen years and, in the early 1980s, I joined and became very active at Unity Center of Walnut Creek, staying involved there for over 25 years. I was a trainer and co-leader in the creation of the Peace Wall (tiles) now located at the entrance to Unity Center of Walnut Creek and co-facilitated our 2010 plan for expansion.


I began attending our Brentwood Spiritual Living Center about 6 years ago and from that moment forward I consider our Center my SPIRITUAL HOME. I have served as the President of our Board since 2019. I love to be of service and give generously to support all sources from which I am spiritually fed.


Jennifer Simpson

From the time I had to write a paper in the 9th grade on what I thought the biggest problem in the world was, roughly 47 years ago, I have been passionate about communication and how "us humans" treat and honor our home 'Mother Earth'.  The subject of my paper was 'Communication' because, in my opinion, it is the 'Umbrella' from which all else rests under.  If we don't know how to communicate with each other out of respect and loving compassion, despite our differences, we will continue to create separation and therefore build a wedge towards our goal of World Peace.  My mission is to continually be aware of the opportunities of practicing World Peace, not only when things feel good, but particularly when things feel hard and challenging.  This is where the 'Rubber meets the Road'.


 As a passionate Board Member for Brentwood Inspired Living Center, I am excited to be able to support our Sweet Center in various ways from a Heart Space of willingness by meeting those edges that feel rough with more Love to bridge over to the place where Possibilities are happening and where that Energy is supporting our dream of World Peace. 


Florence Cleisz

Florence Cleisz joined  Brentwood Inspired Living Center in 2013. In 2015, Florence stepped onto the board and has assisted and uplifted our center in a variety of ways.


Currently, Florence is the kitchen lead and recycling manager. She is ready to lend a hand whenever possible.

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Ron Vieira

The Mystery of Synchronicity brought me to the Brentwood Inspired Living Center two and a half years ago. I felt an
immediate affinity with the vibration of the community. Intuitively, I felt “at home”. My life journey has included the
pursuit of various modalities in the healing arts and spiritual practices.

The beauty of this community’s unfoldment is consistent with the emerging paradigm in Consciousness in which spirituality is authentically explored and where dogma, institutional beliefs and the explicit and implicit
expectations of conformity are being Released.

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