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...and Abundance for All

What do we think of when we hear the word abundance? Webster's dictionary defines abundance as "a very large quantity of something." As this word applies in a spiritual context, it will have as much to do with quality, as it does quantity.

These days there are many that seek to understand the Law of Attraction, and how it can bring forth abundance into one's life. This may be in order to bring about more money, a better career or whatever one may feel is lacking from their life. Approaching the belief that I have lack in my life is a great place to start in understanding abundance from a spiritual point of view. From the position that I am insignificant among 7 billion other inhabitants on this planet, surely it can appear be true and very disturbing.

First, let us consider the aspect of believing an individual is insignificant. There is not one function of the human body that a person does on their own. While I seem to be able to raise my arm at will, at best it can only be stated that I have an illusion of doing so at will. It would be more accurately described as participating with a power far greater than we can imagine. When I "decide" to raise my arm, brain signals that respond to every cell involved, cause muscles to respond to the request that began that training before I could walk or talk. My simple urge to perform a physical action is carried out so intricately orchestrated that it escapes our notice or appreciation.

It is taking notice and appreciating all the innumerable ways that we are connected to everything that helps us understand true abundance, and gives way to appreciating how significant we are. If every function of our bodies is done without our knowledge and permission, why is it we fall short of realizing our value and potential? One reason is due to how blatantly obvious it is that we are doing nothing of our own accord. It has happened for us since birth, and we have continued on a path of taking it for granted, until of course we no longer do, and wake up to the marvelous access we have to the All.

There is no empty space between anything. Everything is connected 100%. Once we can grasp this, it is so much easier to move into gratitude, and gratitude is the fuel that manifests new realities. It is all too common to say "I want ...". The very thought of want is pretending that you are lacking and not connected to that which you already are- Abundance! We are all One. The scientist that is climbing the mountain of knowledge finds the spiritual guru awaiting his arrival wondering what took so long to discover what has been known for eons.

With everything being connected, gaining material possessions is a no-brainer. If this is what you seek, just see yourself as connected to all, name it, and claim it. Here, you may discover the meaning of the "be careful what you pray for" adage. Gaining possessions for the sake of pretending to "own" them will bring misery as you fight an uphill battle against entropy, a game the material world loves to play. Material things are great tools to assist us on our journey, but are fierce taskmasters when one plays a subserviant role to them for the ego's pleasure.

The greater treasure is opening ourselves to the infinite gifts of the spirit in the invisible realm. When one knows, not believes, that they are connected and immensely valued, it becomes apparent that it is no longer about what's in it for the small "self", but how it is I relate to the greater "Self." Getting out of the ego's tenacious grip, one will know a freedom not available to one believing they are insignificant and alone. Being altruistically centered puts one in the greater plan. Simple math will quickly prove out the value of pretending to not need others- zero. Imagine a world where even a simple majority of the people acted from a place of true service to others. Each time one of us lifts ourselves out of selfish motives, we raise the vibration of Peace. True Peace comes by staying ever present to the "peace that surpasses all understanding." It is here we see that we are in this world, but not of this world. We become more fully conscious of our true divine nature, and less clingy to a world that is impermanent. Attachment produces pain, true freedom comes from knowing our connection to All. This is Abundance.

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