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Abundance, Don't miss the Point


Abundance, it is all of ours to give. We do not joyfully share with others until we truly understand abundance. We do not understand abundance until we know at our core that everything has been freely given to us.

It is by Grace that we live and breathe. All success we may have comes to us from gifts we are given. Our hands, Hearts and minds are all of the Grace of the Abundant Spirit we enjoy in our lives.

We deceive ourselves when we boast on what we have or create without acknowledging and honoring the source of all the things that empowers us to do so.

The apparent owning of material things is an illusion. The graveyard is evidence enough to show us that we are merely borrowing. With recognition of this fact and the employment of a grateful heart, we gladly become good stewards of all that we have. In this way, what has been graciously given to us, we move forward to others.

This movement is the ever shifting flow of creation in Love. Imagine a world where all are bent on taking all they can get. We do not need much imagination to see where that goes. So a world where all is shared with the Highest and Best as the intention creates a world of more receiving than one can give.

A simple deed such as paying for the car behind at the toll booth or at the drive thru has started a trend that now happens untold thousands of times a day, and all from a few that initiated kindness as a gesture to show others they care.

In our community, we are blessed to share our gifts with those we have yet to meet. We know the joy of a heartfelt community that greeted us at the door, and we can now expand the gift in preparation of space for more to do the same.

When we come from a lack mentality or consciousness, we are stating that we are in fear, and there will never be enough, contrary to the riches before our eyes. The poverty consciousness is a mental disease that can last for generations, with each one telling the next that “we’re poor, and we’ll never get ahead”. These mantras are creating that reality with each thought and spoken word.

Just as easy as the former, we can state that we are blessed and have the abundance of spiritual prosperity. This prosperity comes complete with an entire Universe at our disposal to grant whatever we use in conjunction with I AM.

So use the I AM in I AM Abundant and Blessed. Take a piece of all that you enjoy and share it where you feel best serves others. Take the joy that speaks to your heart and hold space for others to enter in with you.

If you have fear of giving in the belief you do not have enough, try this: Start with 1% and you’ll soon see that just as a deduction in a paycheck, it is soon not noticed. You’ll be able to increase this practice and soon find that as you give, your life continues to fill in measure each time you let go and trust the process.

Here's an end with an interesting example of giving:

Mahatma Gandhi had no worldly possessions to speak of, short of 10 small trinkets at his death. Yet this man through his faith in giving moved 200 million of his fellow Indians to change the course of history by gaining independence for their country from the tyranny of Britain. Here is a man who gave all, fully understanding abundance and sharing it with others.

Life, however, does not go without a sense of irony. In those 10 meager possessions that Gandhi left behind, someone found enough worth in those items to pay $1.8 million dollars in 2009. That individual may have well missed the point. Don’t miss the point. Give onto others what has so freely been given unto you, and place the value on others over things.

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