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Aligning With Allness

Have you ever gone into the Gap? Not the trendy clothing store, but the eternal space between words and musical notes. For most, the silence that makes possible all words and music goes unnoticed. Let us consider this gap in our speech or music. Without the pause between sounds, there would be an endless noise that would send us into a maddening existence begging for death. It is only with this pause that we can distinguish and appreciate the beauty of sound. All of the greatest poems, love stories and uplifting music would be rendered worthless and painful without it.

For years I used the sounds (which we call words) interrupting this still, silent gap to search for answers about my existence and purpose. As I searched high and low for answers, this process was maddening for me, and mostly was sought outside myself, and when I went inwards I was still actively pursuing, without much listening. After experiencing so much pain from the need to know the vast secrets of the eternal, I found myself in a place of wiliness to sit, be still and listen.

As quantum physics delves deeper into the field behind matter, much is rapidly being revealed. The Greeks in their understanding of the atom came to it by visualizing how many times a thing could be split in two before coming to its smallest component. Today, quantum physics has blown past the smallest particle and into the source, or simply put, the Gap. It is this silent source that becomes the treasure so many metaphysical initiates attempt to access.

The greatest treasure I continue to find is that there is nothing to access, I am that of which I sought. The trick is to remember when I wander off into the realm of duality. It is only shifting words within my mind that takes me away from truth. I sometimes laugh when I’m looking for something that is in my hand, and I am holding it in a part of my hand that does not have feeling. I feel this way when my mind wanders into the areas of great speculation. When I feel the resulting agitation, I can notice, recognize, and realize I’m not interested in staying in a negative state.

Back when I was regularly participating in Native American ceremonies, a medicine man put an interesting proposition to a dancer preparing for Sundance. He told him to stay with his prayer during every waking moment for 24 hours. He informed him that he was a manager at a busy sporting goods store, and had to talk with many, the medicine man interrupted him and again told him, stay with your prayer. But I’m so, stay with your prayer, he said. It took him about 80 days to remember his prayer while simultaneously doing transactions, making calls and sometimes dealing with angry customers. He came to a point where he felt he had achieved it.

So we go into many forms of meditation, at set times and special locations, to connect with the source, however, the goal is to stay in alignment with the One Source throughout our experience here. Be Here Now. As my psychologist friend says when he forgets that he is the Source, Oh, I let go of the hand of Jesus, and now I remember. What a place to practice this re-membering on a planet with 7 billion people, and most trying to do their own thing. The thing for me is not how long I can stay in that place, but rather how quickly I can return when I’m in the ping pong game of duality.

I once was so confused about God’s will for me. I had better luck understanding the steering wheel than God’s will. There was me, there was God, and how do I know what or who is doing what and when. A friend handed me a beautiful saying of “In my natural state I co-create.” I really got my mind around that concept. This is the alignment we are talking about here in this 4th Unity Principle. I was now on equal terms with creation rather than being left void of purpose. This did not bring about an immediate reining in of the ego, but after realizing I only beat my head into the wall because it feels so good when I stop, I started to increasingly feel the Gap on a more consistent basis, rather than awaiting the next aha moment.

At the core of being stems intention. This Source of intention is expressing and experiencing through me as me, whether I’m in or out of alignment. To be otherwise would imply that I need to get good to get God, and quite frankly, that’s nonsense. It is in realizing the shadows that I come to know light. I embrace all the rides, not just the parts I think are what I want. Overtime, the shadows have greatly diminished.

I do not find it a stretch to understand The One Mind being the source of intention and that there is a Divine Plan in place- it just happens to be above my current pay grade. I see it as a need-to-know basis. It would be an intellectual nightmare for me to grasp the depth of the Universe for the sake of knowing it. It is revealed to me as needed and as my awareness opens into it and around it.

Unlike the TM programs of the 70s where folks manifested Mercedes Benz into existence, I find this to be settling for so much less than the gifts of the Spirit. As I expand, I realize that what Spirit manifests is so much greater than the meager wants of my human expectations. By aligning with Spirit, Source, God, or whatever name you use, I am equally aligning with you. Let me quickly shift from the illusion of duality, and remember that there is only God, and nothing but God.

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