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There's Nothing In The Way

We are all one. We hear it a lot these days, not just in spiritual environments, but in cyberspace, and most notably of late in the scientific community. The evolution of quantum physics in the last 100 years has brought mankind into a new realm of awareness- that everything is one. We truly are one essence.

So what is that causes people to live in a state of separation from one another? Thoughts. These invisible, illusive waves of energy that connect separate bits of information into concepts used to make sense of our world. In the same way that building a house requires a solid foundation, so does our conceptual buildings. When our logic is built on faulty assumptions that counter deeper truths unknown to us, the friction in our lives is felt in many ways. Only a sincere desire to know more will bring new ideas into our awareness.

The old adage that people will believe a big lie before they'll believe a little one, is surprisingly true. This is definitely true once a conceptual building of faulty beliefs has been built over many decades. Mark Twain said, "It's easier to fool someone, than it is to convince them that they have been fooled." Just like a wrecking ball devastates a building, so it is with new ideas that conflict with old ideas set in concrete. What will my life look like in that empty space where my building once stood? How will I build a new one? Oddly, no matter how many issues there are in our lives, it is easier to sit in the familiar pain, than to risk change into the unknown.

So... we can now scientifically see that all parts of existence are the same, only showing up as the illusion of separateness. The thing that gets in the way are my thoughts about my thoughts, then your thoughts about my thoughts, and on and on go the thoughts. So many religions end up dividing us by presenting an intellectual approach to God. This can only lead to more thoughts. It is in our loving, Divine Nature that we feel, rather than think about, a deeper part of our Essence.

Our physical bodies are intricately connected. The same air that just left my lungs is soon to be in your lungs. My ear was once someone else's nose. The matter that makes up our world is forever doing a beautiful dance among us, constantly changing partners in the flow of Life, to equally serve us all. So, it is thoughts, that cause most, if not all, of the violence in our world. Starting with resentments and jealousy, our thoughts form destruction in our world.

When I mentally attack another, I am without a doubt attacking myself. I am energizing the very thing I crave to go away. Humans are interesting. At the onset of a problem, it is so easy to quickly believe that it must be the result of a person, place, or thing. And if I can stop, alter or extinguish that source, my problem will go away. It is not happening outside of our mind, but within our mind. It's not the problem, but what I think about it.

Let us live our lives on the inside and take personal responsibility for our perceptions. When we remove blame as an option, we empower ourselves, and find a freedom that is truly amazing. We now take ownership, and look to being part of the solution, and not part of the problem. Let us let Love flow freely into the world, and not let our thoughts shut off the flow.

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