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Differences or Similarities?

Living in a world of such diversity, it is so easy to get caught up in our differences rather than looking at our similarities. We are all born into environments that come with a package deal within a cultural context. It's too simplistic to be born in the United States and claim that I picked a religion or political party of my own choosing, without any influence. Obviously many outside factors shape our viewpoints. Would I choose the same if I were born in a different country that appeared so culturally opposite my own?

If I were blind, would I be able to judge another based on their color, manner of dress, or length of hair? I would not do so without a visual assistant close by. If I were deaf, would I be able to judge another based on their accent, speech impediment, or improper use of grammar? Of course I would not. So how is it that I take such ease to do so enjoying the gifts of the senses?

When I am focused on the outside, talking about it or trying to control it, I am having much of my focus entangled in a fluxing world created by billions of people having an opinion, and reacting to such. Does it make sense to believe that I can stop fighting by behaving in a way that adds to the problem instead of being a part of the solution?

So often there are struggles among religions -that often leads to violence- to be right in place of being happy. If Grace is freely given to me, is it in my best advantage to insist others see it when and how I do? Is this truly helpful to others to have them share in the awareness of our unconditional love?

There is not one function of my body that I do in and of myself. I pretend that I am doing more than participating, and begin to believe that when I raise my arm I am the one knowing which brain cells to stimulate, which muscle groups to activate, what amount of various hormones and enzymes to secrete, and on and on goes the list. All of this is being freely provided to me with only my participation, and still yet I often choose the illusion of control.

My every breath and step is an amazing gift of Love. In these gifts there exists no duality, only a harmonious orchestration of trillions of cells acting as One.

Let me do my best to remain in the awareness of what is so freely given to me on an ongoing basis, and not get up in an ever changing world. All I truly want to be Love in the World.

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