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Our Simplest Element

Our simplest element that can transform our lives, and those around us, is our core of love. When the thought of love is brought to mind, we immediately start to define it. Rather than putting this into words, feel the impact of your being and the magnificence therein. Our simplest element permeates everything that we are and do, yet it gets covered with limiting beliefs that belie our True Self.

Can you name one thing you do in and of yourself? You cannot. By Grace, we are given a loving, radiant energy bringing life to every part of matter. This Grace, Love, Spirit, Source...., is what animates all of life.

It is when we honor and realize the magnitude and purpose of this energy, that we understand that in our natural state, we co-create. In this place we can act from love and find harbor in all possibilities. But first, we must accept the darkest parts of ourselves, and love these hidden shadows to clearly feel our core.

A quote by Carl Jung states, "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” We can not ignore or rid ourselves of the shadows by pretending they do not exist. Driving around them, rather than going through them becomes a spiritual bypass of the work that will help us know our true nature.

When I begin to peel through the onion of ego, I learn to accept my shortcomings. We have come by these shortcomings honestly from our upbringing and society. We did not simply make them up; they were handed to us as a form of truth. We started from a foundation of beliefs, and then we add variations to the original sets.

It is in accepting these areas of ourselves, that we would rather not own or face, where we find the key to freedom. Accepting all our supposed flaws with love uncovers the truth of what lies at our true foundation- Love. In seeing the untruth of these beliefs, character flaws, etc., we become free to accept more easily the same in others. We can spend less time in projection, and use our gifted energy for reflection.

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