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Coming Together

Brentwood Unity Coming Together

We come together from many walks of life, all having a similar desire: to be a part of a community of like-minded people to experience personal growth. In this way, we build connections much like the neurons in our brain.

As the connections are strengthened, a greater memory develops and the bonds reinforce positive patterns that support the ways in which we would like to better our lives. There is a richness in building a community. We may start by attending a service or class at Brentwood Unity, but the connections grow stronger when we create and nurture friendships outside of our facility.

Our members are finding opportunities to share ideas about our expansion, both personally and communally.Look at Brentwood Unity as a smorgasbord of ideas. Our members attend and participate in so many outside events, workshops and modalities, and then bring that back to share within our community. What a wonderful environment for coming together.

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