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Cornelius O'Shaughnessy
June 30
Facebook Live

Cornelius's Talk: Bounding Beyond Belief

Belief is a useful step on the path , but it’s just the first step . Ultimately, we are required to go beyond belief to achieve a state of union . Belief can inhibit this and separate us from an authentic experience of reality - the divine. Belief must turn into faith , and from faith we must deconstruct the ideas of God / Reality so that God / Reality can be seen. Join this session to learn how to make our sense clear , shed our beliefs and concepts and achieve a state of union with all that is.

Cornelius has studied meditation and Eastern philosophy for over 26 years and has deep insight into life and the mind.


What he teaches is regarded as the most direct path to enlightenment - it is an ancient, intense and immersive method of self-realization that uses wisdom and insight to change the way people see themselves, others and the world around them. 


The knowledge and experience he has gained over the years has given him a deep insight into the human condition and a unique ability to help others find enlightenment and peace of mind.


Cornelius teaches and advises people from all walks of life on how to see life clearly and meet it with wisdom and compassion.

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