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Father Tom Bonacci

April 23
Facebook Live

Tom's Talk: You Shall Know Yourself and Yourself Shall Make You Free

“Knowing the Self” is more than self-awareness. The “self” by nature is interconnected to all
of reality. Self-knowledge is not some kind of radical individualism but a dynamic awareness
of the potential to love. This potential can be found in the heart, mind and soul of every
person. We will explore and ponder some of the dynamics for radical self-awareness.

Tom's Workshop: The First Axial Period
We will reconsider the period of time when the religions of the World as we know them were
born or potentially came into being. The First Axial Period was deeply concerned with the
nature of the self. The Golden Rule was born in this epic time as Buddha taught, Jeremiah
protested, and Lao Tzu pondered. We will explore some new developments offering hope for
our time.

11:30 - 12:30 on Zoom:

Suggested love offering: $10 - $25 via Zelle, Paypal or check. See for details.


Thomas P. Bonacci C.P. is the Interfaith Peace Project’s Executive Director.  Tom offers friendly and hospitable programs to help participants cope with inherited stereotypes, innocent misunderstandings, embarrassing questions or general knowledge of the many faith traditions of humankind.  Tom was ordained in 1972 for the Passionist Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church, and is recognized for his scriptural scholarship.

One of Tom’s dreams is The Intrafaith Project , involving conversations, projects and experiments exploring the reality and possibility for the practice and study of interfaith spirituality.

“A man of vision, Tom’s programs are less about learning of differences and similarities in religions, and more about understanding, respecting and connecting to all humankind.” George D’Angelo, Ph.D., Founder, UN International Day of Peace Vigil.

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