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Grace- Pass It On

Growing up in a rigid belief system, I felt the discomfort long before having ideas about it. I was told that God loves us, and in fact, has unconditional love for us. Then came the part about choosing this love or spend an eternity on fire.

I don't know about you, but if I were to buy a car and would be told that it is comes with a 100% unconditional warranty, I'd take that to mean there would be no conditions. I could not wrap my mind around the warm feelings of a love so deep that it would be with me no matter what, and reconciling that if I did not accept this I would burn in hell. While I may have consequences for my child, would I, in the human flux of conditional vs unconditional love go to such an extreme?

What I do know is that my every need is provided to me by grace. I, as my ego, have done nothing to merit the blessings that are bestowed upon me in the way of my heart beating, breathing, my entire being is a gift freely given unto me. As a child, I heard

so much about the receiving end of this recognition, but there existed an intolerance and condemnation for others with a different view.

By grace, I was allowed enough space and curiosity to let go of exclusive belief systems and embrace the mindset of "I don't know". In this, I began to appreciate my gifts, and began to want others to experience the same gratitude. It's so much like the people paying for the car behind them at the drive thru or the bridge. It is unexpected and appreciated.

Let me give to others without expectation of "what is in it for me" thinking. When I realize that anything I behold in my life is a precious gift, I can easily bestow the same on others.

Affirmation: My core is pure, unconditional Love. Let me live this and share it with others.

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