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Rev D. Jacquelyn Edwards
June 16
Facebook Live

Rev. Jacquelyn's Talk: Sharing the Love

In these times of rapid change, we are asked to examine how we think about, contextualize, talk about and work through many of the constructs that we have held sacred.  There is an invitation to experience some of our deeply held beliefs about who we are and how we navigate the world from a gigantic BOTH/AND space.  Doing so will expand our conscious evolution as well as our individual and collective roles in creating a healthy and safe environment for future generations as well as for ourselves.  Please join us for this intimate conversation.  

Rev. Jacquelyn's Workshop: Who is My Father?

According to scripture, when Mary came looking for Jesus because it was time to go, when she found him he famously or disrespectfully replied, "Who is my mother?" Today we will examine that question from the Father perspective.  We will ask and answer, "Who is my Father?"

Please have a writing tool and something to write on available.

11:30am - 12:30pm on Zoom:

Suggested love offering: $10 - $25 via Zelle, Paypal or check. See Ways to Give for details.

Reverend D. Jacquelyn Edwards is an ordained Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) Minister.  She is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Platinum Butterfly Focus Ministry, through which she envisions, “Creating a world in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.”

She has previously served as the Spiritual Leader of First Church of Religious Science, Vallejo, CA and as a founding member and Past Chair of the CSL Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.  She currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership and is a founding, and leadership team member of People of African Descent in New Thought Group, Inc.  (PADNTG), which convenes the Celebrating Our Soul Conference at Unity Village, Missouri. 

Reverend Jacquelyn has a BA in Human Relations, a Master’s Degree in Organization Development and Change, and a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies.  She also has over 20 years’ experience in public sector human resources management.  Reverend Jacquelyn is a teacher, public speaker, spiritual coach, and a group facilitator.  Her ministry emphasizes spirituality as a path to prosperity, justice, and peace.

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